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Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Credit Worthy

I know i am writing a blog after a very long time , but lets skip fast forward to the latest crisis without dwelling on the reasons for absence.

"I am in deep shit"  is the phrase i wanted to say , but most of the friends have discarded my current state of affairs as nothing but a liquidity crisis. A temporary phase in life when you dont have money in your hand but you show lots of potential to earn it in future. So what do you do to tide over the current shortage of money? You borrow, you beg ( i would not go on to suggest you cheat... but that is also an option ). You borrow on your credit card, from family or from friends, you beg from your family or your friends, and you cheat your friends Tongue .

So these days i am in liquidity crisis and actively pursuing the first option and second option. I havent yet become desperate enough for the last option, so all my friends, do not fear me  Tongue . The problem is my credit worthiness or in simple terms the perception of people towards my ability/willingness to return them their money has gone down a lot. This has nothing to do with my past behaviour or my future earning capability ( see how modest i am  Tongue ). It just has to do with the locality where i have taken a rented flat. It is called koliwada and is in the middle of the biggest slum in asia, which is Dharavi.

So lets see what is the typical conversations that i encounter :

Me and a random credit card seller

Credit card seller: Hello, this is Saloni speaking from Give-Me-Your-Money Bank. I wanted to speak with you regarding the fabulous cash back offer our credit card is offering . This card ... 

Me: Wait, Wait, I am in the middle of a meeting, please call up after an Hour.

Credit card seller: Sir, it will take only 2 minutes. And it is a once in lifetime offer.

Me: But i told you i am busy. Why dont you never call up again.

Credit card seller: Sir, this offer is specially designed only for Ernst and Young personnel. Please ...

Me ( fed up of this crap and afraid that she would call up once again and again repeat the whole story ) : Ok tell me what do u want me to do for taking this card?

Credit card seller: Sir we need  2 photos, ur salary slip and rent agreement. Where do you live sir?

Me: I live in Koliwada, near Sion

Credit card seller: Oh! You live in Koliwada? In which post are you in EnY

Me: What do you mean! (How dare you). I am a (high earning) Associate in this company.

Credit card seller: I am sorry sir, we would need a signed and stamped letter from the (highest) official in your company proclaiming that he would pay up in case i dont. And your credit limit would be 5 thousand Rs

Me: (Hang up the phone or i will strangulate you from the phone wire itself) Please put down the phone NOW!


Ok , so this was the typical conversation i had today. Lets see how many days i would be dwelling in this great place called koliwada.

Posted at 08:49 pm by thelifethatwas
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Sunday, August 20, 2006
Eggjaam time

Kabhi aap ko laga hai kii ap itne happy ho ki aapko ek blog likhna chahiye ? Ok before u charaterise me as a nerd ,  let me explain the context first , then u will understand  . So the case is that I am in the middle of exams right now , with one given today only and a few more lined up interspersed in the coming days . I am not feeling like studying anything , and I was just reading this hilarious blog of someone known by many names : Munnu , obscene and what not .But he "was"  ( no no he is not expired dada , just passed out of iimc this year ) a hell of a guy who made everybody laugh with his antics , and writes such stupidly humorous blogs that the neighbors seriously start contemplating whether to take the guy reading the blog to a mental institution . Because one just laughs and laughs , then stops , and then laugh some more on his post . Though I am not such superbly gifted , but who stops me from writing anything not so humorous here Big Smile. As I am writing after such a long gap , let me start with such mundane things as my stratman and bizval preparation , which has not yet started .Now what is the big deal behind it , doesn't everybody starts preparation just before the exams and a few do not even start it . But the point I am trying to make is that these guys, (n ofcourse girls bhai , don't blame me for being a racist ok , disclaimers ka zamaana hai !) find so many things to do that the padhai takes a backseat , while for me I am in such a pathetic condition that I have exhausted all possible alternatives to keep me occupied .Lets first list down what were those alternatives .

1)      Playing quake : now this is one game that I am playing for sooooo long a time , and haven't still got rid of , though deleted so many times from my computer as a punishment to the crime of wasting my time .But somehow it still finds its way during times of weaknesses like a friend requesting to teach me how to play it ( happens rarely ) whereby I get to show off whatever meager skills I have acquired at playing this , or a friend luring me to the deadzone by challenging me to beat him . Now any self respecting guy with a heart of gold ( I am talking about myself,  stupid ) cant refuse such requests or challenges , so here I am , stuck in this vicious circle of  deleting , receiving request , downloading , teaching , deleting , receiving challenge , downloading , beating him at the game , deleting and then again receiving another request . Bachao cry. But now I think I have grown out of the obsession I had for this game

2)      Watching movies : the only movies I have right now are either documentaries , or movies that require intense concentration ( I am not bad in comprehension ok ! I have cleared cat Shades, its just that these movies require you to sit and listen to every dialogue because it may be of some consequence later ) , or harry potter which I really don't love , or some stupid hindi movies . Ok I will not mention my "other" collection here which I am in no mood to see and be happy Tongue.

3)      Watching sitcoms : I have watched friends so many times now , and have run out of comedies. I would really recommend "coupling" here , an awesome british comedy .

4)      Chatting : there used to be days when chatting held its charm , that u are able to talk to a friend or somebody "interesting" without having to spend a dhela except the cybercafé fees , or not even that much when I was at iit kanpur . But now I think I am too grown up to fasao girls this way Tongue. I only talk to few selected close friends  now , and beautiful girls of course Tongue . And just for information , there are many in my friend list who lie in both the categories Tongue

5)      Pakaoing friends : saare friends ke exams hai yaar , nobody opens the door on listening my voice shouting dus gaalies at them to let me in .

6)      Looking at the mirror and admiring what beauty and talent GOD has given me .Ok the looking part is false , the talent and beauty part is not Tongue

7)      Reading timesofindia.com . Now one thing that I have noticed while reading timesofindia.com and while watching aaj tak is that they both have this obscene habit of displaying masala news on their mainpage or snatching every possible opportunity to show some unwanted skin . So if a poor guy has two gifted organs and he wants to remove one of them , it comes on the main page of indiatimes . If a paryting kareena kapoor and her bf spend some quality intimate seconds together , that is shown over and over again for one hour at AajTak channel followed by interviews of their dhobis and kaamwalis and panel discussion on character of modern youth  conducted on an old school teacher( who used to teach kareena when she used was 2 yrs old )  who was just jolted from his blissful sleep and was trying to remember who the hell are they talking about .



SO plz guys and girls , give me some ideas to pass my time . And also wish me luck for the upcoming exams . Because mujhe ab dawa ki nahi dua kii zarurat hai !

Posted at 03:50 am by thelifethatwas
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Sunday, January 15, 2006

After a longgggggggg break from the blogging  , i happened to visit my blog today ....and was surprised to see that so many people are still visiting it ( though not commenting ) even after so many days of inactivity , so thought why not continue this exciting roller coaster ride that is the story of me!!

Now that the placement season of the fachchas ( juniors ) is long over , the placement season of seniors is fast approaching (in march ) . Every senior these days has a dream in his eyes and a passion to achieve the best job possible . The preparation for interviews is a long drawn patient exercise that starts very early and goes on in various dimensions , be it making perfect CV , be at least knowledgable if not master in one domain etc . But how come they all know what they want to become ....how come noone(almost ) has even the slightest confusion in his/her mind as to where ( as in the specific field , not the specific company ) he/she wants to go . When asked about this issue , the majority of those who responsed gave three major drivers towards their choice : 1) their initial inclination ,
2) the subjects in which they scored high and
3) their summers
Even if their was a conflict between these 3 drivers , almost in all the cases , the initial inclination and the high scoring subjects were pointing towards same direction , and the summers might be in some other area , but that is acceptible as summers are not really in your hands
Now that is where my delimma begins , my initial inclination was towards finance ( reasons are many and even incomprehensible ) , but now that the second term grades are out , i have scored SectionMax in Marketing paper , and I am going to Glaxo Smith Kline to do my summers (which is a dream job for those with marketing interest) .
What to do ?

Posted at 02:38 pm by thelifethatwas
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Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Back from Home and the grind starts

After spending a rather eventful week at home in lucknow, Here I stand on the crossroads of the events which are about to unfold in the coming 2-3 weeks and for which the preparation by diligent students have been going on for about 1 month. The coming weeks will lead every student to a new journey , a new destination , and in most of the cases a new city in the summers to come. Lets hope this year it surpasses the records it set last year.As for me, lets hope it gets me to a dreamland.

Posted at 07:14 pm by thelifethatwas
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Thursday, October 06, 2005
Off to Home

After such a long duration of time , I am heading towards home tomorrow afternoon. Its such a lovely atmosphere , and people are waiting for me ....and not necessarily at home.These are the persons who have lifted and supported me whenever I am in trouble...and these are the people closest to me . I cannot express the joy I am feeling that in less than 48 hours I will once again be able to see them. Good bye Joka See you in another week

Posted at 10:43 pm by thelifethatwas
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Sunday, September 25, 2005
a new beggining

after the previous few blogs bieng so heavy on the brain (at least to my mind they were) i.e. too much pholosophical , i thought why not just describe the happenings in the last one month .One thing is for sure , u can never run out of things to do here at IIM cal....so much so that if u really get some free time for urself like I have now...u believe that u must have forgotten some very critical work .But what the heck, this is the coolest IIM for nothing. I shudder at the thought of going to any other IIM where the workload is even greater !!
So after the numerous projects , assignments , quizes, presentations and finally the endsem , the beloved semester comes to an end and before u have time to catch your breath ( and a little sleep if you wish) the next semester is underway and u are left wondering that whether your future life will remain like this ?At this point I am reminded of my high school days when we were always told that this is the biggest exam and the certificate is the first one to be seen whenever u will sit for any job interview .So if you crack this all State exam ur life is made.So u slog like hell and get good grades ...then comes the intermediate and u are once again told that this exam your life is made because the entry to many prestigious institute occurs through this exam only. Once again u are motivated to lift urself to the level u are 'capable' of .Side by side u are preparing for the exam that is considered to be the most difficult undergraduate in the whole universe i.e. IITJEE . U put your heart and soul into it(perhaps sell it to the devil in exchange for a seat) and the day beckons when u see the alphabets of your name printed in the newspapers under the column "Selected Students for the counselling for JEE-xx" ."This is it" you think , "i can now rest in peace for whole of my life because I have already worked so hard to get here" , only to be proven wrong very soon.This I am saying is true for any good college/institute in your stream of study and not specifically for the iits. You again start your search for the elusive holy grail of "your life is made" if you get that thing and the next target that comes to your mind is the CAT which everyone is giving these days and which promises you really high salaries with lucrative options.To make the long story short , you get a multimillion dollar job from here and then you will think that yes , NOW my life is made , but will it be? 
      Continuing with the itenary of events in the last month , it sparked and burned with the intense hostel rivalry that 'world war' is ....As soon as the exams finished we went straight into preparation for this interhostel 'extravaganza' which lasted for 3 days and gave us much needed outlet for our 'creative' energies in the form of tyre raid, normal raids , decoration and what not ....the outcome was that my hostel won and the party began.I got too much involved....not in the actual events but the party after that which resulted in getting low marks in a few quizzes ....the difference between good grades and bad is made then and there.
      Leaving the mundane things aside , let us focus on the aspect i like most about this institute , particularly this system of putting all the supposedly 'intelligent' persons at one place. When a person asked EDISON whether he doesnt feel frustated that it took some thousands experiments to make one light bulb he replied " not at all , I now know thousands of ways how not to succeed" .
      What I am talking about is just the opposite ....the system here tells you so many ways to succeed because every individual here has a different story to tell , different obstacle to cross over , different shortsoming to overcome .Of course there are obvious disadvantages of this system , one of the smaller one bieng the too skewed male-female ratio.....but I would stop at this point.

Posted at 03:12 pm by thelifethatwas
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Sunday, August 21, 2005
Before the display of performance

nothing to write :)

Posted at 02:21 pm by thelifethatwas
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Saturday, July 30, 2005
common misconceptions about an IITian in a B-skool

The blogging journey which I had embarked upon is moving with the slowest speed these days , and is coming to halt , albiet temporarily , with midsems starting 2 days from now and the situation bieng as grim as a baby in a topless bar ( sic sidhuism ) , where the bar can be compared to the subjects or courses , and a mentally retarted person can guess who the baby is . But while studying whatever little i do here , I came across some interesting observations regarding the perceptions junta has regarding the IITians here , specially those junta who have heard the term 'relative grading ' for the first time in their lives after coming here and try to apply it wherever they can .
1) If you are not studying , you have already studied the part.
2) If u are not studying and were not seen studying in the past also , you must have been studying secretely .
3) If you are not styding and have an alibi that you never study , you must already be knowing the subject.
4) lastly , if you are studying , you dont want others to get good grades !!
furthermore when the gradesheets are out , I have often heard iitians arguing about them in these ways :
1) If you get good grades and you are involved in extracurrics , you are a chapu and a prime candidate for those multi million(a little exageration does not do any harm ) I- bank jobs , because you have really good CV.
2) If you get good grades and you were not involved in extracurrics , you are a prime candidate for those jobs because your sincerity and ambition for achievement is well reflected in your gradesheet
3) If you dont get good grades and you were involved in extracurrics , you are a prime candidate for those jobs because you have ventured into a different domain , ie developing your personality , and will come out of the institute like a "complete man" ( aka Raymond )(sic)
4) If you dont get good grades and you are not involved in any extracurrics , you are a dark horse and will show your true colours only in the gd/interviews of these companies , so once again you are a prime candidate .

that leaves only one way you cant be a prime candidate for those I- banks job :

If you already have a PPO after the summers ( from whichever is your dream company)

So guys , as I dont want to be a candidate for those I- banks and leave the hefty salaries for the lesser mortals , i think i should get back to studying , build a good academic record , crack the summers and get a PPO.
What say !!!!??

Posted at 03:52 pm by thelifethatwas
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Saturday, July 16, 2005
there is something about (sic) sex

ok here I am talking about the sex that goes on here .But before u form the opinion that i am sick pervert with dangerous tendencies let me explain.
The scenario is pretty cool with no kind of hesitation when it comes to girls themselves coming to boys for talking and sharing ( not the beds silly ) information and conversation. It is in stark contrast to those IITK days where the non-males used to look at us as some kind of beasts who would devour them as soon as we get a single chance . And I have talked to 3 girls already in the past 10 days here ...amazing for me considering we all just used to stand in one corner in antaragni in 1st year and wish that they will come to us themselves ....who said dreams dont come true. And one of them(the girls) is actually from IITK !!! This calles for the discussion that why are girls so so very shy in engineering colleges....Well this is heavy duty stuff which nobody is interested in, so will discard it with just one reason that maybe they have straightaway come from home and so the so called "good values " are still embeded in their mind .
Coming back to the scenes that I have seen here, it has washed away all the remaining doubts that girls will always remain one step behind boys when it comes to embaressing each other , even boys.Maybe it is just the initial period , and they will come back to their decent states when the initial week gets over . But the frankness and bindaas attitude seems to be not something madeup for us fachchas out here , but a way of life . Plus the education itself calls for a lot more group work and interaction and thus u atleast get to talk to them if nothing else ;)
Althis good talk and all is good but fact is that I am once again unlucky as the selectors (of CAT )have decided that engineers and workex junta make good managers and this is a chakravyuh which very few girls managed to break this year and we all already know the quality of girls in engineering colleges .Chalo one less distraction :) Or is this just another way of saying "Angoor khatte hain" . I leave that decision to the audience .

Posted at 04:43 am by thelifethatwas
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Friday, July 15, 2005
First week at IIM cal

On the recommendation of the student council of IIM Calcutta ...I have to refrain from publishing further details of the week that was ...but will surely say that it was one of the most amazing week where we all fachchas realised how much we can stretch ourselves without dying :) ....just joking ...will have to run to class . One amazing piece of statistics about me ...I havent missed a single class till now inspite of the probability of my missing a class on any given day and time bieng close to 1 . Who said I cant learn probabilty :) ...anyway the girls would be dying to have a glimpse at me before the class start so have to rush ... Next blog ....about sex sex ratio here :)

Posted at 01:52 pm by thelifethatwas
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